Electrical Cabinets


Cause of the assembled electrical cabinets you can save time and money. As standard the electrical cabinets are equipped with: programmed frequency converter, input filter, braking resistor, main power switch, circuit logic for emergency-stop and reset button.

According to your required level of security, we can realize several emergency-stop circuits. The shutdown of the spindle is based on stop-category 1 by controlled deceleration less than one second.

We offer our electrical cabinets with standardized connector interfaces for a fast commissioning of the system. On request we can also integrate your preferred interface.

Electrical cabinet for operations of the spindles HFS-10040-24 and HFP-10040 up to 30.000 U/min.

Equipped with the listed interfaces:
- Power supply cable 5 m with double protective conductor
- Spindle connection cable 6 m
- 25-pol SUB-D plug, Configuration: 1 = Start/Stop, 12 = FU-Alarm (NC Contact), 18 = rotational speed value 0-10 V
- XLR1-1, XLR1-2 = Emergency-Stop Channel 1, XLR1-3, XLR1-4 = Emergency-Stop -Channel 2
- XLR2-2 = Sealing Air ON (3-30VDC), XLR2-3 = 24VDC

Weight: 22 kg per piece
Price on request
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